Hi, everybody!
It’s very kind of you to come here and pay a visit to me and my friends. They also say hi to you. They are the heroes of this story. With them, we get to see different places and go through many adventures until we reach the top of the world. I can tell you that my friends look totally different from us. Instead of hands, they have wings, and instead of skin, they have feathers. They also look different from each other. Some of them are stunningly beautiful with colourful feathers, and some…. well…. not so attractive. Some have sophisticated views about everything, while others are just looking to have a simple life.
Now, I am here with them floating in the sky while watching the land underneath. Everything looks great from up here, but for sure things will be different once we get closer to the ground. This is the story of what these birds have gone through. The world has not certainly treated them well, but they are willing to treat the world kindly and make it a better place for everybody.
Welcome to the world of Damaron.

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